Story of the Jomaneh

The first producer of barley biscuits with berry nectar

Ansari Food Industries The first producer of barley biscuits with berry nectar, from the early fifties until now, launched its various and unique products under the brand name “ Jomaneh ” and with the slogan: Jomaneh, for your health , has produced and supplied to domestic and foreign markets. The excellent quality and unique taste of Jomaneh products, which are prepared from a combination of high quality barley flour, fresh berry nectar and first-class raw materials, pave the way for sustainable development and globalization of Ansari (Jomaneh) food industry by granting representation throughout Iran and Neighboring countries and continents of Europe and America, provided.


Jomaneh Products

بیسکویت جو

بیسکوییت خوشه

بیسکویت چند غله

بیسکوییت چند غله

بیسکویت جو طعم دار

بیسکوییت جو نارگیلی


Orange cookies

بیسکویت جو

Biscuits with coffee powder

barley Date Cake

Six oatmeal cookies

barley Date Cake

Orange barley muffins

۸,۰۰۰ تومان

Barley Biscuits

Honey oatmeal cookies

Barley Biscuits

Date cake

all products

Secret of deliciousness

Jomaneh, for your health

What else?

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