Types of barley biscuits

بیسکویت جو

Barley biscuits

بیسکویت جو طعم دار

Coconut Barley Biscuits

بیسکویت جو

Biscuits of the party

بیسکویت جو

Digestive Barley Biscuits

بیسکویت جو

Oatmeal biscuits

بیسکویت جو طعم دار

Oat Biscuits Packed with Coconut Happiness

بیسکویت جو

Biscuit Joe single player hero

بیسکویت جو طعم دار

Single Coconut Barley Biscuits

Multi-grain biscuits with pieces of single fruit

 Multigrain Biscuits with Fruit Pieces A valuable and popular product of the “Jomaneh” brand, it is made from a unique blend of cereals and fruit pieces with berry nectar.


  • rich in minerals and minerals needed by the body
  • Contains large amounts of fiber
  • Contains pieces of fruit with a unique taste

A variety of multi-grain biscuits

Types of chocolate barley biscuits

Types of cookies


Orange cookies

barley Date Cake

Six oatmeal cookies

barley Date Cake

Orange barley muffins

۸,۰۰۰ تومان

Barley Biscuits

Date cake

Points of sale


What is the secret of Jomaneh’s unique taste